Entertainment for All

Every week we have a selection of delights to entertain you. There are projects for the children every weekend from jumping castles, horse rides, and Frans’ exciting science shows with fun things to make and take home. There are seasonal projects for the children and a variety of activities like snake shows! There is live entertainment that you can sit and enjoy with lunches prepared by our own chefs and drinks with friends. Come and enjoy relaxation in the forest.

TOKAI FOREST MARKET IS UNDER THREAT … PLEASE HELP US TO KEEP IT OPEN – sign our petition if you love our market as much as we do…. or contact us and tell us how you feel. Petition forms are also available at all the stalls on Saturday. We have been operating for about eight years and we are part of the forest. Some of our Customers have been visiting us regularly and supporting our Vendors, who trade in all weathers because firstly they love the comraderie of their market family and secondly because they really need to earn a living and support their families. Please note that we are open for fun and entertainment every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm, so bring your family, friends and fur-friends and enjoy our lovely Market in the Forest.

Forest Market Encourages Going Green !!

Being a market that is situated in the pristine and natural environment of Tokai forest, we are also very much a “go green” organization, promoting recycling, providing useful tips and information on how to reduce you energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. We live in an age where every little bit counts. If we all just do a little bit, it will go a long way towards the longevity of our beloved planet.

Electricity, amongst many other things, makes the world go around. Without it, our homes would be in the dark and we wouldn’t have any energy source to work on our computers at work or at school. Load shedding is also a problem because there are instances where you are not told when the electricity will be cut off. This puts a lot of strain on households because there’s not much we can do around the house without electricity.

It is for this reason why renewable energy has become crucial in the world we live in today. At the rate of our expensive electricity is, solar energy seems like a resourceful idea.  Below are some of the advantages of using solar power and solar geysers. Go Green Guys are renowned suppliers of Cape Town induction geysers that can be a real energy saver.

  • Solar energy saves you money: This is the best reason to opt for solar energy. Cost of living is too high and if there are means or rather better resources you can use to save costs, why not seize the opportunity?
  • Low maintenance: The last thing you need is to be constantly changing the solar panel after you have installed it. Well, you are in luck because there is hardly any maintenance that needs to be done after installation. All you have to do is clean and maintain it once a year and you are good to go. The original Tokai Manor house recently installed some of these solar panels in their efforts to promote green energy.
  • Silence operation: Solar panels operate silently. Unlike noisy electricity generators that make a lot of noise, you sleep like a baby when you have a solar panel at your home.
  • Long-lasting: If installed correctly and appropriately, solar panels can last up to 25 years. This is a great money saving machine because you won’t have to worry about replacing your solar panel now and again.
  • Consistent power source: Unless the weather is gloomy, the sun will always shine. When the sun shines, it produces the energy we need. The sun also brightens our days on the essential hours of operation being the morning and afternoon.
  • Free hot water: Solar geysers produce hot water even on the coldest of days. Isn’t this amazing? You don’t have to worry about the change of season when you have a solar geyser as it doesn’t change the temperature of water.
  • Increases value for your property: Solar geysers add a surplus on the value of your property.
  • SABS Approved: Solar geysers are South African Bureau of Standards accredited and approved. This means that the solar geysers have been analyzed, tested and found certified to be operated for any use. They have also been found safe and without any defects.
  • Long Life Expectancy: Solar geysers have a life expectancy of about 10 to 20 years.
  • Electricity reduction bill: Having solar geysers means more for your pocket and less for the authorities. The reduction on the electricity bill is outstanding and it will keep dropping.
  • Environment conservation: We should do our bit to preserve and protect our environment. When using solar geysers, you are conserving the environment with regard to carbon gasses.
  • Easily accessible: Solar energy can be retrieved anywhere. As long as the sun is shining, solar energy will work exceptionally.

tokai forest market

Go Green Guys are a reputable local company in Cape Town that specializes in reducing household energy consumption including offering the most affordable options for  pool heating in Cape Town, as well as being a major supplier of pool covers, LED bulbs and solar panels.

The above-mentioned benefits are perfect for those money and energy conscious families. When you start saving on electricity, you will have more money to focus on other things that need to be done.

The world always has a way of saving you money, you just have to be willing to research it and implement it. All you have to do is install a solar panel and geyser and you will start reaping the benefits in no time! Ready, Set, Save!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Tokai Forest Market event.

The Tourist’s Guide to Cape Town

When visiting a new city, it is important to know where you’re going and what you’re going to do, to maximize your stay. This is guide will help you in getting around Cape Town and experiencing the Mother City to its fullest.  The Tokai Forest Market is an awesome experience for families and couples who want to explore a friendly market with a twist.

Visit the beach. Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so visiting them is a must. There is a beach for every mood and occasion. Camps Bay is an excellent beach for sundowners and supper. Clifton beach is a fantastic place to spend the day frolicking in the sand. If you truly want to let it all go, literally and figuratively, Sandy Bay beach, Cape Town’s premier nudist beach, is the place for you.

Go Paragliding. If you are pressed for time, paragliding is an excellent way to see all the major sights in under an hour. Tandem paragliding provides a safe and efficient tour of the city with experienced, qualified instructors and pilots. Launching from Lions Head and Signal Hill, flights arc across the city and end along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. To truly optimise your trip, one could plan the flight to end in time for a sunset at the beach with scenic views offered by landing spots in Sea Point, Camps Bay and Clifton beach. With Skywings, Paragliding Cape Town is accessible to all, young and old, with the only requirement being a good attitude! Why not scratch paragliding off of your bucket list while you’re in the Mother City? You can even buy a gift voucher for a friend or loved one !

Pay Robben Island a visit. This historical island, once home to the late, great Nelson Mandela is open to the public and is a short boat trip away from the V&A Waterfront. Guided tours are available on the island which takes you to all the monuments and significant buildings. Robben Island is home to a host of wildlife, flora and fauna indigenous to the island and is well worth a look at. If you enjoy your time on the island, why not spend the night? Robben Island features a guest house filled with as much history as the rest of the island.

Hike Table Mountain. Starting at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, a hike up the iconic Table Mountain is a must. The entire hike will take around 4 hours, depending on fitness levels and is a great way to start your morning. Entries to the Gardens is a third of the price of a cable car and offers the unique opportunity to see rare, indigenous plant and animal species. Hiking on holiday is also a great way to keep fit while on holiday.

Go to a museum. What better way to immerse yourself in a place’s culture and history than to go to a museum. Cape Town has fantastic well-managed museums which represent the soul of the city well. The District 6 Museum provides an in-depth look at the Cape Malay culture and their experiences during Apartheid. The Iziko South African Museum of natural history and science provides an interesting look at the early history of mankind. Here you can find various fossils of both animal and humankind, an experience unmatched.

When travelling around Cape Town, the safest and most reliable transport methods are the MyCiti buses and Uber. The MyCiti bus travels to all the major tourist attractions in the city and is by far the cheapest way to get to the airport. Meanwhile, Uber is the best on demand transport in the city, allowing you to get from A to B with minimal delay.

Cape Town is a city full of attractions and this is merely a guide to the city’s main attractions. Feel free to explore and discover the hidden gems the Mother City has waiting for you.

Food and Shopping

A wonderful selection of foods to tickle your tastebuds… Watching the Rugby? Then stock up with Biltong from Dante… or just meet friends for breakfast, lunch or delectable snacks with a variety of beverages from Rob’s home-made ginger beer to Maggie’s famous moer koffie. Enjoy breakfast under cover afterwards you can buy some of Lo’s delicious honey. Continue browsing our numerous and varied stalls. Fresh vegetables and produce available for you to take home.

gifts shopping entertainment

There are many, many stalls filled with home-made crafts, Mike’s hand-made wooden toys showing the essence of Cape Town, clothing, accessories, picture frames, Sharon’s rocks, fossils and agate wind-chimes, crockery and pottery, Ivy’s leather handbags, shoes and lots more. Support your local entrepreneurs and avoid the bustle of commercial shopping malls. There is something for everyone… pet stalls and lots of entertainment and enjoyment for the kids. Moms and Dads will find things to fascinate them, too.